Why Is It Important to Choose Your Real Estate Dealer Carefully?

With the real estate landscape undergoing significant changes over the years, home buying is no longer a big deal today. Thanks to the several reputed real estate organizations that are continually coming up with new residential and gated community projects in Bangladesh. However, no matter how easy things might have become, buying a home always remains a crucial decision for an individual. It is perhaps one of the biggest investments that you are required to make and to derive the most out of this investment; you need to choose a recognized real estate dealer in the very first place. Many prospective home buyers commit the mistake of paying less importance to the real estate agent they choose and instead, focus entirely on the home they are planning to buy. Since it is a fact that the better the dealer, the better will be the home, here is why choosing the real estate organization with care is important.

  • First, reputed real estate organizations have a lot of options to offer you with. They have not just one but several projects coming up at any given point of time. As such, you have the option of choosing your new abode based on location, space, costs and other benchmarks.
  • It is obvious for you to be desirous of having a smooth deal with your agent till the end of the process. A good dealer keeps everything documented from the beginning and hence, there are least chances of disputes arising at any stage. The costs are decided upon and the additional ones are not kept hidden.
  • If you are successful in finding a recognized real estate dealer, you will feel the personal touch that the services of a good dealer has. They will assist you in all possible ways that might go beyond just finding you a home. You can actually consult with them in your search for the new flat for sale in Dhaka by letting them know about your requirements or what exactly you have been looking forward to.

Overall, the importance of finding a great real estate agent is difficult to be summed up in few points. Just remember that to get the best; you need to be assisted by the best.


Three Things Influencing Your Decision of Buying an Apartment

Buying a new apartment must be a plan that has been in the process for quite some time now. If you are planning to shift to a brand new apartment altogether, it is obvious that you will be required to spend a significant amount. In fact, buying a new home might well be the most crucial investment decision that you take in your life. Now, the process of buying an apartment is quite complicated and tiresome, which is why, choosing a good real estate dealer, becomes necessary. Do the prospective complications make you doubtful? Do you feel insecure about letting go of your present house for moving to a new one? If yes, then, here are three top reasons that justify your decision of buying a new apartment. Check these to get rid of all confusions and set about choosing the best home for yourself and your family.

  1. The foremost thing that is worth influencing your decision is location and locality. If you are living in a comparatively interior location with restricted access to certain facilities, it is high time you buy an apartment in a better location. Your life will automatically get more convenient, comfortable and smooth. The scope of accessing schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets and malls with a drive of few minutes is something your family members will cherish too.
  2. The next thing that is potential enough to make you go for a new home is the scope for outdoor activities. Now, living in an apartment in a standalone building leaves you with little opportunities for walking or jogging, for which, you anyway, have very less time. Choosing your new apartment in a gated community ensures that a landscaped garden, jogging track and even gym comes right outside your doorstep. So, apart from just an apartment, you get facilities that offer you with a better way of living. Now, of course, this opportunity is worth the risk of letting go of your present abode.

Last but not the least, if you live in a small house and your family is expanding, it is always good to move to a spacious house that offers enough comfort and privacy to each of the family members. As such, space can be considered the third most influential factor in your decision of buying an apartment for sale in Dhaka.


Buying a Flat: Things to Stay Cautious About

If you are planning to buy a flat in the recent future, let us assume that it is certainly going to be one of your most important investments. Consequently, you have to start with your research well before time and take your final decision following a lot of speculation and considerations. If you try to get faster in the process, chances are that you will end up making the wrong choice. Whether it is about choosing the real estate dealer or the flat itself, you need to take into account the pros and cons of each available options before finalizing any one. Prospective home buyers are often found apprehensive of buying new homes because they fear getting cheated in the process. However, choosing a reputed real estate organization can actually help you stay free of worries and anxieties. Also, here is a precise list of things that you should be particularly careful about while buying a new apartment.

  • To begin with, check if the area in sq ft of the flat you are buying matches with what has been promised. There are few technical terms like carpet area and floor area that you need to know about in order to make sure that you are getting the space you asked for. After all, what is the point of buying a new home if it is not bigger and better than the earlier one?
  • It is not just the flat that is important but also the overall building and locality that ought to be given equal importance. Check if the building has relevant facilities like car parking space, for instance. You might not own a car today but buying one must be on your cards. It is for such reasons that gated communities are being preferred more when it comes to buying ready flat for sale in Dhaka.
  • Alongside, get your finances sorted right from the very beginning. Real estate dealers often come out with additional costs that you might not have been aware of. So, it is better to plan your budget accordingly.

Throughout the process of buying your apartment, keep communicating with your dealer to get informed and stay updated.


Top Trends in the Present-Day Residential Projects

The real estate scenario has undergone a complete change from what it was even a few years ago. There has been a significant rise in the number of real estate developers and organizations, bringing a wide variety of options for the potential home buyers. If you are in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the newly initiated residential projects are sure to lure you with their offer of some excellent residences within gated communities. Now, gated communities happen to be one of the newest trends in real estate and the trend is certainly here to stay. While the main reason behind the increasing demand for residences in gated communities is the promise of security, there are numerous other features, mostly outdoor ones that attract today’s home buyers who look forward to a lot more than just a nice and spacious home.

  • Speaking of the features of the gated community projects like the Uttara Apartment Projects for instance, the first thing that deserves mention is the landscaped garden that is always present inside the community. Now, the daily hustle-bustle of the city life makes us look for a piece of green, which is, however, hard to find inside the city. Keeping this in mind, the real estate developers are concentrating more on keeping about at least 60% of the total area green and open for gardening and landscaping.
  • These days, for the urban metropolitan population, a car is as important as a luxury home. However, a standalone apartment in a residential building does not necessarily offer you with a parking space. As such, the availability of proper car parking space in the vicinity has become a major criterion for choosing new homes. With the gated communities offering ample space for car parking for the residents, this is no longer a matter of concern.
  • Life is getting faster and people, busier. Everybody realizes that exercising is important but fails to find either the time or the inspiration for it. Gated community residences offer swimming pools, jogging tract and gym right inside the community. You are not even required to travel even one kilometer to reach the gym in the morning. Just get out of your flat and everything is right at your doorstep in the true sense of the term.

Keep these trends and features in mind and allow them to help you make a better choice of your new home.


Does Colour Change Space? Things to Know!

Do you know colour play a vital role in changing the space of the room? If you don’t know about it, there’s nothing to worry, be familiar with it now. Colour is a predominating factor in determining the look, feel and space of a room. Are you dissatisfied with the colour scheme of your house? Do you want to change it? Well, there must be few things that should be kept in mind before zeroing down on the shades. After all, choosing the tint is a daunting task as it is highly manipulative and is responsible for creating different moods in your abode.

Here are few tips that can help you immensely while choosing colour shades for your home. Read below:

  • Make a small room feel larger- It’s really important to understand the basics of the colours. A warm colour gives a feeling that it is coming closer to you while a cool colour gives a feeling of moving away from you. If you get this right, you can never go wrong on choosing the shades for the walls of your home. Paint a small room with white or a soft colour to make it look large. Try it and you will know it yourself.
  • Make a large space look small- As we know a dark and a warm colour makes a room look small and intimate. If you don’t enjoy a large living space, a kitchen and a dining area then paint it with murky colours. You can explore the spaces rightly and paint it accordingly. For instance, in case you have a big living room, you can paint it red, maroon and purple with the perfect blend of pastel shades to break the monotony of a huge room.
  • Make a room look calm- The different shades of blues and greens serve this purpose well. They are known for their soothing effect on the inmates of the room. You should paint your bedroom or your study with a soft colour to restore peace and tranquillity. Select a blue or a green and relax in your own space.
  • Make a room visually striking- You shouldn’t be concerned with painting the walls of your home only. How about experimenting with a prominent colourful accessory in your living room? Pick a cool shade and accentuate the room with poppy coloured cushions, textured mats, lamps and furniture. It’s time you break the stereotype and do something different that will catch one’s attention slickly.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to zero down on the colour palette for your home sweet home. If you’re looking for a new home, then let me aware you about the ready flat sale in Dhaka. Give them a call and book one flat for yourself where you can make use of the shades of your choice.


Know the Top Interior Trends of 2016

“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” – Erin Flett

Do you know that a house is a reflection of one’s personality? The way you keep your house, the decorations you choose for your home says a lot about you as rightly quoted by Erin Flett in the above-quoted lines. We like experimenting with our look, don’t we?  Similarly, we like to play around with the interiors of our home sweet home as well. If you’re planning to change the interiors of your abode, this reading piece is going to make your life easy.

Check out the top interior trends of 2016 here. Read below:

  • Metallic and Black is a winner- If you want your home to stand out in the crowd, try metallic and black without fail. It’s a hit in the industry. Metallic have set the trend since a long time now but the black is the new colour in the mix. A dark metallic background complimented with copper, gold, peach and smoky shades of blue gives a terrific look to your living space. You have to try it to believe it!
  • Matte is forever to stay- Are you a matte lover? Well, matte is a trend that suits the person who wants to keep the look of the resident subtle. It has a class of its own which can’t be ignored at all. From furniture to matte-finished wallpapers all are available in the market. Choose what you like and decorate as it pleases you. But remember too much of matte is a complete no-no as it makes a place look drab.
  • Naturals & Tribal go hand in hand- How about a natural colour palette with a tribal vibe? This has become a fashion in the interior decoration industry. A soft coloured wall with a tribal textured accessory, cushion and rug gives a fabulous look to your home. Bring earthiness in your own space that can’t be missed but loved by all.
  • Handmade furniture is a show stealer- Your love for nature will be highlighted with the handmade furniture you choose for your re-modelled home. A rocking chair at the corner of your study room along with a well-carved wooden book shelf steals the show. Sometimes a sober thing overpowers a jazzy look. What do you say?

Are you excited about re-modelling your old house?  Or are you planning to shift to a new place? If shifting is on your card then let me aware you about the apartments for sale in Dhaka. Contact the real estate agents of that place and get yourself a new residence where you can explore the interior trends of 2016.


Importance of Planting Trees in Your Housing Complex

Staying cautious about the environment and doing everything possible for a greener surrounding is an essential trait that all individuals should develop. An attempt to design a greener environment is a contribution that everyone should work towards. Thankfully, real estate developers and individuals are getting increasingly conscious about their environment. This awareness can be reflected by the fact that individuals are adding plants in their residential complexes. Not just that but even real estate developers coming up with residential projects are focusing on adding greenery within the housing complexes. Trees, plants and the gentle breeze automatically trigger a holiday vibe. Staying amidst such a setting is a luxury that people will obviously enjoy.

Luckily, Uttara housing complex also believes that greenery is an essential element that needs to be incorporated and maintained in the residential complexes. Let us take a close look at how greenery in a residential complex is useful.

  • Scenic Beauty – Greenery is an attraction that people enjoy and would love to stay close to. In fact, trees and plants add the right cooling effect amidst the scorching sun. Having trees surrounding your home adds a lot of solace that you need in your life.
  • Residents can Engage in Gardening as a Hobby – When you are so closely connected with greenery it is natural that you will develop gardening as a hobby. Gardening is yet again an effective way to promote planting trees, nurturing them and motivating others to do the same.
  • Scope to Play Outdoor Games – Kids living within the residential complexes have ample opportunity to play in the open green space and the lush green lawns. Kids are mostly hooked onto video games but with the scope of more open spaces, their chances to run around in fields also increases.
  • Increased Property Value – Unfortunately greenery has become such a rare sight these days that having them in your residential complex automatically increases property value. This is great news for real estate developers because they can now beautify their complex with plants and at the same time make profits.
  • Contribution towards the Environment – Initiative taken by real estate developers to preserve the environment by planting trees is a great way to motivate others to do the same. This is not just their contribution towards Nature but also a message for others to do the same.

Nothing is more relaxing than spending time in the lap of greenery. With the addition of greenery around, your home is perhaps the most comfortable corner where you would want to spend the maximum time.


Factors to Consider When Buying an Office Space

The office space has evolved over the years and this evolution or change has been a pleasant experience for professionals who have been in the job sector for quite some time. This evolution is mostly influenced by technology because it is an essential requirement in the office sector. In the present times, it is impossible to think of work life without the help of technology. The changing times reflect that we are the slaves of technology which is perhaps not the ideal situation. In attempts to break free from this scenario and create a right balance, it is essential to choose an appropriate office space. The definition of appropriate in this case would be the right balance between being slaves to technology and spending some time staying away from it.
Interestingly, choosing the right office space helps tremendously in creating this balance. Apart from being slaves to technology, it is essential to have a good office because that helps tremendously in increasing productivity. Surveys and research have revealed that the right office space in Uttara has improved concentration span among professionals which in turn increased productivity and efficiency. This has acted as a great catalyst for entrepreneurs to look for an office that will help employees to give their best to the company. If you are one of those entrepreneurs in the lookout for a great office space, then remember these important pointers. Taking note of the points mentioned below will help when choosing your new office address.
• Location – Easy accessibility is a prime requisite so that employees don’t have a tough time to reach office and go back home. It is best to have your office centrally located so that commuting from different parts become easier.

• Open Space – Open space is the breath of fresh air that all employees need. The confined walls, cubicle and staying in close contact with electronics all the time is a situation you cannot escape. Therefore, it is important to spend some time in the open space as well to freshen up.

• Infrastructure – Infrastructure is yet again an essential element that all offices need. This infrastructure includes effective use of the existing space and having the right furniture.

• Cafeteria – Office is incomplete without the right cafeteria to reload yourself after work. A cafeteria is the place for snacks and munchies that will help people to put in the same amount of effort at work. A nice cafeteria is the right break that professionals need.
These are some of the most important factors that entrepreneurs need to look for when planning to shift to a bigger and better office. A good office is a happy space that professionals deserve since they spend half of their lifetime there.


Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Premium House

Are you presently trying to turn one of your biggest dreams into reality? Well, buying a house is indeed a dream of many and when it is a premium villa or penthouse that you are planning to buy; the dream is, of course, bigger. With the rise in the development of gated community projects, developed by reputed real estate dealers, the craze for premium homes has increased than it was ever before. Also, a 2 bedroom apartment that is part of a luxury apartment project is premium too and does not burn a hole in your pocket. But there are lots of factors that you need to consider while making this crucial decision because a premium home is worth your investment, time, effort and subsequent planning.

Are You New to the City? How Long Do You Wish to Stay Here?

A premium home is for life. So, buy one only when you are pretty much sure about the fact that you are going to stay in this place. Unforeseen circumstances might rise in the future compelling you to leave the place but apart from that, you should have stability in your career and family life if you are considering investing on a premium home.

Does Your Budget Allow this Investment?

Although it is unlikely for anyone to plan on buying a premium home without having the finances sorted, the point here is that your dream should not exceed your budget. Carry out an extensive search, talk to the dealers and at the same time, make an estimate of how much you can spend as down payment and what rate of EMI will be suitable for you. With all these aspects clear in your mind, setting about to achieving your dream is sure to become much easier.

What Are Your Expectations from the Home?

This is perhaps the last question that you need to ask yourself before making the investment. The answer will determine the type of premium house that you will need to buy.  If you want a peaceful life after retirement and stay away from the hustle bustle of the city, you have to choose the location accordingly.


Independent Houses vs. Apartments: Make Your Choice

Buying a new home is an important matter, demanding a lot of your attention and consideration. Now, when it comes to buying a new home, many buyers get confused as to whether to go for an independent house or a flat or apartment in a gated community. If you are one among them, unable to decide on whether to buy a flat in Dhaka or go for a standalone house, it is time that you start thinking about the pros and cons of both. Unlike what most people think or believe, there are several essential points of consideration apart from just the budget. Also, if both the house and the apartment come well within your budget, which one should you go for? Here is a detailed discussion worth taking note of.

Security vs. Independence

The biggest advantage of a flat is 24*7 security and the greatest plus point of a house is independence. Living in a flat does not bind you to anything as such but you have restricted access to certain areas like the rooftop, terrace, common passage and so on. On the other hand, as a house owner, you can be assured that the entire house is yours and that you have the liberty to decide on the outer look of the house.

However, seen from a more practical perspective, security that is ensured by a flat is more important. If you have a nuclear family with kids or adolescences in it, it is advisable that you choose a flat or apartment. This is because apartments are more compact in nature and in the excellent gated communities that are now on the rise; security posting is strong enough to keep you anxiety-free.

Apartment as a Better Option

Apart from the security aspect, a flat is a more preferred option for those who are new to the city and does not have friends and relatives around. When you live in a flat, you are not required to worry about things like power supply, water storage, etc., because these are already discussed in your contract. Overall, you live a hassle-free life.

Contact your dealer and choose your home from the many ready flats, available for sale in Dhaka, Bangladesh.